UCM Programme in Physiotherapy in a Foreign Language

The UCM programme in Physiotherapy in a Foreign Language, offered at the Ludes campus, lasts four years. With theoretical knowledge and manual skills, empathy and organisation, preventive and rehabilitative techniques, physiotherapy is a complete, rigorous and highly vocational course. In addition to training students in the profession of physiotherapist, the BSc in Physiotherapy deals with the art of care in the highest sense of the term: from private to public, from sports team to clinic, from psychiatric facility to international development organisation. An innovative, multidisciplinary and rich degree with a flexible curriculum. Graduates in Osteopathy, Physical Education, Sports Science and Massage Therapy can enrol in the course and request recognition of previous credits.

Graduates of the UCM Physiotherapy course will be qualified to work in various professional contexts, including:

Public hospitals and private clinics

Rehabilitation centres

Outpatient clinics

Psychiatric facilities

International development organisations

Private studios, gyms, wellness centres, spas and sports teams


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