Semmelweis Physiotherapy

The BSc in Semmelweis Physiotherapy offered at the campus lasts four years. In training physiotherapists, the programme pays particular attention to practical and technical skills and know-how, as well as soft skills. In this sense, it is a training course in which the student acquires, on the one hand, all the elements of clinical practice, and on the other, the interpersonal skills needed for dealing with people. The course also includes the teaching of humanities subjects to enable the future physiotherapist to address the patient’s psychosocial situation. It is therefore a holistic and not merely technical approach that considers the individual not only as a sum of parts but as part of a whole. Special attention is also paid to ethics, guiding principles for any health worker, whose mission must always be the promotion of health. All the major studies carried out in the field of treatment show how effective and successful this methodology is.

Graduates in Semmelweis Physiotherapy will be qualified to work in various professional contexts, including:

Public hospitals and private clinics

Rehabilitation centres

Outpatient clinics

Psychiatric facilities

International development organisations

Private studios, gyms, wellness centres, spas and sports teams


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