Tucano campus

The Tucano campus is a four-storey building. On the ground floor are two lecture theatres with 150 and 100 seats respectively.

The lecture theatres are furnished with chairs with folding desks to allow you to take notes. They are also equipped for simultaneous interpretation, with an interpreter booth and headphones for students who require the interpreting service. They are equipped with video projectors connected to a PC and an internet connection.

The lecture theatres can become large open spaces for use other than the traditional lesson led from the front of the room, such as conferences and seminars, press conferences, company dinners, buffets and refreshments with catering service. They are flexible and multifunctional spaces, easily configurable to different types of activity, and able to satisfy a variety of contexts.

At the entrance of the building on the ground floor, there is a large co-working space, with microwave ovens for students’ study and lunch breaks. Along the mezzanine floor there is a large open terrace, which is used for breaks between lessons. There are also two classrooms equipped with 30 and 40 seats respectively, furnished for both lectures and practical lessons.

The third floor of the building is used mainly for the administration and coordination of degree courses.

The third floor is home to offices and the senate room. By the end of 2019, the current layout will be reorganised on the Faggi campus and the space currently occupied by the offices will be used for teaching with laboratories, co-working and study spaces.

This will facilitate innovative teaching, allowing laboratory, collaborative group and individual approaches.

Faggi campus

The Faggi campus is a brand new building, located next to the Tucano campus. The space dedicated to the Faggi campus covers three levels, served by a lift. All areas are spacious and bright, with adjustable and independent hot and cold air conditioning in each room, while the whole area is covered by free WiFi.

The Faggi campus was designed with the organisation of the spaces in mind, using furniture suitable for the activities of students and teaching staff. The furnishings are also characterised by their versatility, choice of colours and shapes, which make the environment welcoming and stimulating.

The Faggi campus offers access to new technologies for multimedia communication which are bidirectional and interactive thanks to the use of the internet and social networks. All the essential tools for teaching and learning are available to students and teachers: interactive whiteboards, video projectors connected to a PC, an internet connection with dedicated clouds, etc.

In other words, it is possible to use mobile devices to overcome the physical barrier of the classroom by granting access to work environments located offsite or in virtual spaces. All classrooms are equipped with a digital attendance indicator to certify attendance to the courses, which is compulsory for Bachelor and Master levels.

On the ground floor is the Choice Quality Health Center with its 650 square metres for rehabilitation, physiotherapy, complementary therapy, fitness and rehabilitation gyms, as well as an 75-square-metre area dedicated to wellness and beauty. On the second floor are the administrative and teaching offices, as well as a library and a study room, also suitable for educational activities - including informal ones; spaces where the exchange of information and knowledge takes place in an unstructured way, where students can study alone or in small groups, where they can take deep dives into topics with tutors, review lessons or simply relax.

Pictures of the campus

General campus facilities

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