Student Services

On campus, students have access to the Choice WELLNESS & SPA area and can enjoy beauty and wellness, fitness and personal trainer treatments at a special discount: a wide range of activities including Pilates, boxing, YogaFlex, posture training, back school, group PT, friends PT and individual PT.

Ludes has entered into agreements with local companies so that students on campus can access services and products with discounts.

The general secretariat keeps students informed, by posting on notice boards or by email, about the various opportunities offered.

Students have the option to sublet apartments on campus. Read more in the accommodation section.


Throughout the year, the orientation desk provides future students with all the information they need to make a careful and informed choice on the course of study.

It is possible to make an appointment for an information meeting, during which the future student has the opportunity to visit the campus with all its services and, at the same time, get to know the content, objectives and professional goals of the courses offered.

The orientation service, in addition to being present in various student fairs, organises open days directly on campus, which both future students and their families are welcome to attend.

Contact the orientation office
Students with disabilities

The integration and support desk for students with disabilities and learning difficulties has the following missions:

  • To assist disabled students and those with learning difficulties from enrolment to the end of their course by taking into account different teaching needs and facilitating attendance of courses.
  • To encourage, by offering tailored compensatory tools, the most active participation possible in the learning process.
  • To monitor the course of studies through personalised meetings, identifying along the way individual educational and psychological needs.
  • To mediate the learning process between student and individual teachers, evaluating tailor-made interventions that allow for increased autonomy and full integration.

In addition to continuous mediation, in accordance with Swiss and European regulations, we offer compensatory, educational and technological tools that mitigate impairments:

  1. Text to speech software, which turns a reading task into a listening task
  2. Recorders, so students don’t have to take notes
  3. Video writing programs with spell checker, which allow the production of sufficiently correct texts, without the fatigue of rereading and simultaneous correction of errors
  4. Calculators, which makes it easier make calculations
  5. Less technologically advanced tools such as tables, forms, concept maps and mapping programs.

Dispensation measures include oral exams, the use of dictionaries, tests on a single piece of subject-related content or longer (30%) testing times. The adoption of dispensation measures should always be evaluated on the basis of the actual impact of the impairment on the required performance, so as not to differentiate, with regard to objectives, the learning path of the student in question from that of others. To use the services of the Learning Disabilities Desk, it is necessary to make a request, filling in the appropriate form and delivering it to the secretary’s office in a sealed envelope, attaching the diagnosis (not older than 3 years).

After careful evaluation of the case, the candidate will be called for an interview.

Service manager:

Tel: +41 (0)91 985 28 30

Counselling and Mentoring Service

This service aims to support the student in decisions and intra-university dynamics, to prevent moments of personal difficulty becoming reasons for dropping out. Its aims range from pastoral care to ongoing mentoring, always valuing the student and their particular characteristics.


A large, completely new and modern library area is available to students.

Students can also access the internet via the computers provided in the library.