Living and Studying in Lugano

A modern and welcoming campus

Study in Switzerland... Set in an enchanting landscape of lakes and mountains, Lugano is one of the prettiest and safest cities in Switzerland.

Living and studying in Lugano means growing in an international and multicultural environment that allows students to have a conscientious experience, open to others and the world.

Study on a modern and welcoming campus in spacious and bright classrooms equipped with interactive multimedia boards, WiFi and videoconferencing facilities. The campus offers common areas for recreation, refreshment, study and co-working.

The Choice Quality Health Center, located on campus, is available for students to carry out part of their clinical practice placement under the guidance and supervision of teachers and tutors who accompany and support students in their studies and learning process.

The Choice Quality Health Center is fitted with the most advanced equipment in the field of rehabilitation with the latest tools and technology.

The campus is equipped with a prototype artificial intelligence laboratory, which is part of Science Adventure, UCM’s affiliated institute.

On campus, there is a service for taking care of disabled students and those with learning difficulties.

Communications for students

Communications (circulars, notices, calendars, provisions, decrees, grade results, deadlines, etc.) are published on the website in the student’s personal area and are considered official documents.

The publication of documents on the site is equivalent to notification.

Therefore, it is the obligation of the student to keep themselves constantly informed by consulting the documents published in their personal area, the access credentials for which are communicated to students at the beginning of the first semester.

All administrative and teaching communications will be sent to the student’s institutional email address, which will be specially created for them.


The student must take out private insurance in case of illness, accident and civil liability towards third parties and workers from the 1st day of the 1st year of the course until the end of the course. The student must provide the general secretariat with a photocopy or scan of the insurance policies.

The general secretariat can provide, at the student’s request, an example of the insurance policies to show to their insurer.

Enrolment in individual lecture courses

It is possible to apply to follow one or more of the lecture courses running within some courses of study, and to take the exam and acquire credits for that module.

Simply send request by email to indicating which module you would like to attend.

The secretariat will then provide information on whether it is possible to attend the module in question, and will indicate how to enrol on it, with a timetable and costs.

Visas and residence permits

Foreign students who will be staying on Swiss territory must apply for a residence permit for studying in Switzerland following the cantonal procedures that can be read on the website.

The general secretariat can provide students with further information. Students must provide the general secretariat with a photocopy of their residence permit. Or they can scan and send the document to

Any change must be notified to the migration office within 14 days:

- address

- nationality

- change of surname and first name

- transfer to another municipality or canton

- change in marital status (marriage, birth, adoption, divorce, family reunification)

- permanent departure from Switzerland or to another canton

In case of change of residence, the student must inform the previous municipality of residence (if different from the new one) of their departure, and also inform the new municipality of residence of their arrival.

Other information

If you reside in Switzerland, you must also apply to the cantonal health insurance office within 3 months of your arrival: BELLINZONA INSTITUTE OF SOCIAL SECURITY.