Who we are

Our cornerstones

Manuela Sotgiu-Di Martino became President of L.U.de.S. in 2009, and ever since has been continuing the legacy of her late husband and founder of L.U.de.S Prof. Paolo Sotgiu, who passed away in 2009.

‘The profound managerial and spiritual legacy bequeathed by my husband, founder of Ludes, is, for me, the lodestar and the ultimate benchmark for every project.

In this sense, every day I encourage every “citizen” of the Ludes community to put into practice, in their personal and community life, the guiding spirit of our founder: the interdisciplinary vision of knowledge, the radical openness to the other and to every difference, the recognition, at least on a dialectical level, of realities that go beyond anything measurable.

In the furrow ploughed by my husband, I decided to create a citadel of knowledge that creates professionals of high human and scientific value, able to hold their own in the labour market with a cultural and professional background that is organic, competitive and respectful of otherness.’

(Manuela Sotgiu – Di Martino)


To create a campus open to dialogue and multiculturalism, a small experiential laboratory for participation and sharing in communal life.

We go about our work with professionalism, passion, innovation and creativity, emphasising collaboration and development of the region.


Ludes supports all activities that contribute to the training of skilled and competent professionals who are able to face the global challenges of the market, but also of the best men and women, able to listen to and grasp the needs of others by offering comfort and genuine friendship to the most vulnerable.

We are committed to providing a quality service to students and their families that is effective and satisfactory.

The Ludes campus as we know if today is the result of the work begun by founder Paolo Sotgiu and has been achieved thanks to the great commitment and intelligence of Manuela Sotgiu-Di Martino, widow of the late Prof. Sotgiu, and her children Antonella Sotgiu, Cristian Sotgiu, Lara François and Joelle Sotgiu.

They, together with Cristian Sotgiu, now a cantonal official, are the trustees of L.U.de.S. Sagl.


Ludes recognises the value of the human being, of its uniqueness, potential and capacity, and promotes respect and dialogue with the culture and traditions of other peoples.

It is not only about learning techniques and acquiring skills, but also about learning respect and love for everything that promotes life.

Understanding not only others, but above all oneself, thus facilitating professional and relational life, laying a solid foundation for any path life takes us down.

Ludes supports the social activities already present in the area and promotes new ones, responding to the needs of the community. It embraces the economic drivers already present to support innovation and development in the region.

With this in mind, it aims to promote good living, starting with work as the full expression of human dignity, of its irreducible values.

The campus, then, becomes an open community, promoting life in all its fullness, the uniqueness of the person, the centrality of the relationship (from the social dynamics of simple respect to the symbolic and anthropological fruitfulness of life as a couple), of justice as an ever-present concern, never fixed in tired and ineffective formulas.

It is clear, therefore, how necessary it is that men and women should be trained to spread, with perfect coherence between words and actions, what they have learned and experiences during their time on the L.U.de.S. campus.

We would like for students to leave us with a very positive memory of the time spent on campus, as well as of our country, its capacity for hospitality and openness, and its traditions.

Our story

Our institution was founded in 1999, in an associative form, in the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, by Prof. Paolo Sotgiu, with the aim of promoting and encouraging all forms of cultural exchange and educational, scientific and research experiences in Europe and beyond under the name of L.U.de.S. - Libera Università degli Studi di Scienze Umane e Tecnologiche (Free University of Human and Technological Sciences). By resolution (second) no. 703 of 14 February 2006, the Council of State authorised the above mentioned university to use the name Università Privata pursuant to art. 14 para. 2 of the Law on the University of Italian Switzerland, the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland and Research Institutes of 03 October 1995 (LUSI/SUPSI; RL

In 2014, following the amendment made to art. 14 LUSI/SUPSI mentioned above, which allows the term university to be used only by schools accredited by the competent national or intercantonal authorities, the Libera Università degli Studi di Scienze Umane e Tecnologiche created the company ‘L.U.de.S Sagl’, transforming its structure into a campus to host the most prestigious European and international universities in Lugano, and develop related courses, based on the curricula devised by the respective universities hosted.

Currently degree courses from Semmelweis and UCM Foundation HEI are offered.